Astrological Herbalism

What is Astrological Herbalism?

Combining Astrology with the Healing Wisdom of the Plant Kingdom.

Astrological Herbalism helps us to more deeply understand our unique astrological constitution and bring into our awareness anything that may be out of harmony and balance in our lives and within our body.

With the combined use of Astrology and the Healing Wisdom from the Plant Kingdom we can bring into our lives and bodies the much needed harmony and balance we were missing.

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A little about my journey with herbs and astrology.

I guess you could say my journey with herbs and astrology started at the very beginning of my life. I spent much of my time in or around gardens full of herbs alongside my great grandmother and grandmother, sipping sage tea and chewing on the licorice that seemed to grow wild amongst the fruit trees. Sage was the go-to herb of my younger years. It was such an integral part of my life growing up that I named my first-born son after this wise being who helped carry me through life’s ups and downs.

As a teenager with child and grandmothers who had passed on into the stars, I found my comfort, wisdom and reassurance when spending time within Nature, learning about herbs and making herbal remedies. The Nature Kingdom filled me with the deepest sense of balance and peace regardless of the uncertainty of life and life’s challenges. I took many workshops and courses with well-known Herbalist and to this day continue
my education in herbalism.

No matter how much I learned and applied to my daily life I still had a thirst that was eager to be quenched. I soon came to accept that my thirst on my journey within the plant kingdom would never be quenched and that it would always be a profoundly beautiful journey where each new experience and personal exchange with an herb, tree or flower would offer me a sip to sooth my thirst a little and then carry me on into the next opportunity to sit with these incredible beings of love and wisdom where I would fall deeply in love with each one all over again.

Till this day I still have this experience. Herbs are endless in their teachings, love and
offerings. I do not think I will ever be quenched of the thirst I have for being with them physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

The kingdom of herbs is an endless garden of wisdom and all who enter must have
reverence and humility. We must set aside what we think we know and allow these beings to show us what we never knew was even possible.

My approach to herbalism is vast. For me herbalism is comprised of so much more than just the plants alone. For that would be only touching the surface. When I view herbs and clients I see not only plants but the planets and the moon, Native American Wisdom, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, The Elements, My Grandmothers and the little child so pure and open who would wander the earth barefoot eating wild grass while talking with the animals that scurried up and down trees, sat with the lizards who had much to share while soaking up the sun, allowing herself to disappear into the energy of the trees that were so supportive and shared their rings of knowledge from times long past and played with the beings we call fairies who many haven’t yet had the honor to see and experience for themselves.

The realm of herbalism is powerful and profound. I am always humbled by it and I always will be.

My journey with astrology started at a young age also. Growing up amongst women who consulted with tea leaves, astrologers and numerologist. For me it has always been a norm just like herbology. I grew up seeing astrology and a road map with the journey being one of refinement, balance and a life fully lived from a place of deep inner wisdom that is uniquely mapped out for us by the universe.

Astrology shows us our strengths and our weaknesses. It shows us ways we can balance ourselves and move in a rhythmic motion with the moon and planets. Astrology offers us an opportunity to see Nature and the Elements in all areas of our own selves and in life around and so much more.

Just as herbalism is a deep journey so is astrology. Both go beautifully hand in hand and help one to understand themselves greater than they may have every thought possible. They offer opportunities for inner balance and peace when approached with an open mind, pure heart and a willingness to dive deeper and deeper into the unknown of your beautiful soul.

Astrological Herbalism Packages

I do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose disease. See full disclaimer.

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Single Consultation
60 minute

I will have openings for these sessions come late fall 2020.

1 hour


Solar Return Consultation Package
90 Minutes

I will have openings for these sessions come late fall 2020.

1.5 hr Sesssion