Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes we Just Need a Little Guidance

How Can I Help You?

As a Soul Growth Facilitator one of my main goals is to show my clients that all the answers they are searching for are found within themselves.

Sometimes we just need a little guidance on our paths when the shadows are overwhelming and the rain is so heavy that we tend to get a little disoriented.

~ I am here to walk alongside you and remind you of the beauty and innate intelligence of your own soul.

~ I want you to see the light that shines from deep within your heart.

~ I want you to feel the peacefulness your mind so much wants you to have.

~ I want you to be able to feel your source of joy and inner strength.

~ To know that you can climb any mountain under any conditions, swim gracefully with the current of any river and reach heights higher than an eagle can soar.

~ I want you to believe in your ability to overcome any obstacles and know that you can overcome them with ease and grace.

~ Sometimes you just need that little reminder when all hope feels lost and when the outcome isn’t exactly what you had hoped for.

I am here to remind you to gently open your channel to receive and anchor in your Soul’s Presence and Wisdom. To find that balanced place within yourself that brings you back to your core center with inner knowing, trust and strength.

An Intuitive Guidance Session

A 1-hour Skype Phone Session starts with a gently guided meditation to set a peaceful space for us to connect with our Higher Selves in a sacred container of Light allowing the Highest Truth, Love, Light and Healing Energy to be made available to us during our time together.

Depending on the depths of your questions, we can typically get clarity and deeper insight into at least 3 – 4 questions or concerns per hour. You have the option to record your session via Skype. If you choose to record your session, please let me know at the very beginning before we enter into the meditation.

An Email Session includes the same attention and care as the Skype session minus us speaking directly to each other physically via the Skype phone.

These sessions are just as loving and insightful because with your permission I am able to connect with your Higher Self, Guides, Loved Ones and Beings of the Highest God/Goddess Truth, Light, Love and Wisdom and bring forth what information is shown to me and transcribe it with detail into email form.

Please give written permission for me to connect with your Higher Self for an emailed session when you send me your 3 questions. After your payment is received please allow 48 hours for me to get back to you.

I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of your journey in this lifetime and wish for you more Soul Embodiment and Sovereignty on every level available for you.


Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose disease. See full disclaimer.

Skype Phone Session
60 minute

We will address 3-4 Questions or Concerns

Gently Guided Meditation to Tune Into Higher Self

Recording Available (Optional)

1 hour


Email Session

I will connect with your Higher Self

Send 3 Questions

Email follow-up typed and sent to you

Email Session